One commonly asked question is: How do I know my chimney is clean and safe to use?

Answer:  It's very important to have your chimney checked at least once a year or immediately after an earthquakeby a certified chimney specialist.

Here at Nor Cal Chimney we are very thorough, and do things one way, the right way. 

Nor Cal Chimney gives you access to our technicians,

so you can ask any questions you may have ahead of time and find out who is going show up at your home. 

Services provided include but not limited to:

  • Chimney sweeping 
  • Earthquake inspections
  • Earthquake damage repair and complete rebuilds if needed
  • Chimney restoration
  • Brick work, fireboxes to exposed stacks
  • Chimney re-lining (stainless steel)
  • Custom caps, hood closures, and transition
  • Wood stoves and fireplace inserts
  • Duct cleaning, dryer vents 

Nor Cal Chimney